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barbie cups

Posted: 06/13/2011 in recipes

my new favorite thing via facebook friends (you guys are AWESOME for supper ideas!!!)

make a HALF batch of biscuits

take a handful (golfball size) and mash it into an ungreased muffin pan and press up the sides.

brown 1 lb hamburger. add bbq sauce to taste OR onions, green peppers, salt, tomato sauce to taste.

put spoonfuls into biscuit lined muffins.

bake on 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

pull out and top with mild shredded cheese and bake until cheese is cooked to your liking.

YUM! these are amazing. seriously!

tomorrow night, we are trying a pizza version.

i’m seriously excited.

how is it i am this old and i didn’t know about this SIMPLE idea!

(makes 12 muffins/cups)




Posted: 06/13/2011 in crochet

a beautiful weekend in illinois with friends.

now back to regular programming








oh yes, i’ve taught myself how to crochet and i’m loving it.

(not near as much as knit, but a change of needle/hook is enjoyable)