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nearly one

Posted: 06/20/2011 in jace legend

the week my children turn a new age

is always memorable.

usually in a not-so-good way.

today, just might take the cake.


ate dog food.

got a hold of my super sharp pointed scissors (how? i still can’t figure it out!) and was crawling around with them for several seconds before getting busted.

pulled a mug of mine off my shelf and broke it. (yes my favorite, of course!)

bites now consist of -at minimum- 4 goldfish.

fell head first into the toy bin and was stuck for several seconds until i reached him.

it’s only 5pm – i’m scared!

the truth by ann

Posted: 06/20/2011 in spiritual growth

this has struck me so deeply.

i hope it blesses you as well.

the truth at a holy experience