mini car/truck felt mats

Posted: 07/03/2011 in felt

i’ve had a BLAST making this for jace’s birthday buddy!

it was tedious and time consuming and stressful – but it was all worth it!

meet the mini car felt mats…

each mat is 9×12

mat #1: school, church, construction site and firehouse

mat #2: barn, pig pin and pasture w/ cow, homestead, pond

Mat #3: park, gas station, beach, baseball diamond

mat #4: walmart, target, parking lot, bike trail

i’ve been scared of making a quiet book – but i think i’m ready to tackle it after this project!

stole this idea from serving pink lemonade 🙂

  1. aj says:

    Amazing!! Just amazing!! I think you have found your gift!!

  2. Jenn says:

    SO cute! I love them more every time I look at all their detail! Took them to church this morning and they both sat quietly playing…Natalee admittedly more than Xavier but he will in time. Thank you again!

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