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It’s 5 years old. 6 bedroom. 3 full bath. 1700 sq ft above grade. 1700 sq ft below grade. Basement is finished except it needs floor and trim. Central vac, septic tank just emptied this year. Heating and AC (as well as an ERV fresh air intake) by Peters and serviced last year. All is perfect. All maple flooring through entire house. Maple countertop. Custom kitchen cabinets and trim in whole house made by MCM woodworking in Iowa. Kitchen cupboards with soft closure, deep drawer bins, double cupboards open and pull out sided bins, maple shelving and maple countertop. BEAUTIFUL kitchen. Two car attached garage. 30×40 pole barn shop with over head door and walk in door and built in countertop and shelving. Sitting on 4 prime acres. Additional perks: RO drinking water faucet at kitchen sink, garbage disposal, we own the propane tank so you would too, whole house water filter, radon mitigation system, drain tile hooked up to sump pump. All electric except furnace. Needing 265k$. Look for the listing with Pat Pierce to follow.
See link for more photos and to ask more questions:

Radon test results can be viewed here: Safe levels are 4.0 and below.

It’s with much sadness and a bit of excitement that we tell each of you that we are heading north. We’ve started the process to move our sweet lil family to Oskaloosa. This won’t happen in a blink of an eye so don’t send us off just yet. We will miss living in Schuyler County. We have the sweetest memories here. Home for the last 10 years for me and always home for Eric. It will always be home too. We will be back OFTEN. Our hearts will always have a BIG place for our friends and family of Lancaster, MO. Your prayers are coveted as this is overwhelming and HARD. The men in my life built us a BEAUTIFUL home meant to be our forever home… It’s hard leaving it behind too and thinking someone else will live here. How strange. Even though we feel this is best, it is still a huge grieving process for us and we will be able to feel your prayers as we transition.
Liz wants a PINK room and an art studio shared with Daddy. Jace wants to bring the kitchen pantry cupboard with us. (He might be concerned about not having food. Lol typical boy!) Mama wants a beautiful kitchen a nice yard and sidewalks! Daddy wants to drive less and go on bike rides!

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