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monday’s here!

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i’m not near as excited as the title implies! but it’s here none-the-less and it’s time to start everything all over again. you might say, what in the world is she talking about, she’s a stay-at-home-mom with the same schedule everyday- not just monday thru friday. but thats just not true! : ) here’s my list of to-dos for today, mail absentee bulletins, start preliminary updating of bulletin and life changes page, type board min/elder’s meeting agendas, type article for elders, mail out-of-town first time guests letter (first catch steve and have him sign it), retype first time guest letter, proof it, have steve sign it, and mail it. *sigh* alrighty- that’s what “monday” means to me. oh yeah and i best at least attempt to get these four loads of laundry out of the basket/dryer folded and put away or i will pull my hair out (i will more than likely post a picture later of me, bald because i can’t get all this done in a day!!)

so with all that said! i better stop blogging and get to work! i just had to give you guys something to read today! ; )

happy monday, ya’ll!

please excuse…

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…all the typos! i will try to find them and correct them but there are just so many! lol part of my personality i suppose… one typo that mom sent me this morning that just hit my funny bone. i laughed so hard! go ahead and do what it says, lmk what happens!

You can lick on the headers to go directly to my old blog to view videos ect.

not my journey

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i haven’t said anything much about it, not because i don’t think about it, cuz i do several times a day… it’s just not my story to tell, but i’m excited today so i’m going to share a tid bit. my sister got an update on their adoption and it’s a positive one so we are excited!!! : ) i won’t keep tight lips forever! but today i decided to let a tad slip out…

PRAISE THE LORD!! (for the good news, not my tight lips 😉 )

puddin cup

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 yummy! lizzie faith and i just finished making homemade, from scratch (no boxes allowed) pudding!!! it’s “settling” now… so while my mouth is watering i thought i’d post about it and make ya’ll wish you were my neighbors! : )