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in february obama wants to spend 700 mil (right? maybe it’s billion?) on creating 3 million jobs. is this really the way to go? is everyone really loosing their jobs? if so, is this the correct “fix”? 

i think we all need to educate ourselves with the plans from our new president and be ready to do whatever it takes. he’s ready to go yesterday and if we don’t stay on top of him, we’re gonna get snowballed. 

but then i think, is there really anything we can do? but i suppose that’s what makes “us christians” different from “those other people with agendas”. i honestly don’t have as much fight in me, then i complain about being screwed over, BUT i sure didn’t fight as hard as the activists. 

tell me, what do you think?


take this poll

Posted: 12/12/2008 in abortion, family
On July 8, President-elect Barack Obama told Planned Parenthood: “The first thing I would do as president is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.” The Freedom of Choice Act will eradicate nearly every state and federal abortion law that protects the unborn baby. It would also prevent states from enacting any similar protective measures for the unborn in the future. 

Should President-elect Barack Obama keep his promise to Planned Parenthood and strike down nearly every pro-life law in America?

We want your opinion.  Take the poll. Results will be delivered to President-elect Barack Obama.


Pole Results 12/12

Should President-elect Barack Obama keep his promise to Planned Parenthood and strike down nearly every pro-life law in America?

Yes 1,401
No 65,624

we are having a bible conference this week at church. i’ve already mentioned it… it was hard to focus last night – liz was supper fussy!! still not sure what the deal was!!! hope tonight goes better, if not, i’m headed home! not worth the additional stress! exhaustion is hitting hard and i don’t see the point. best to just stay home a night or two and rest and then go the next day!!


whole reason for this post!

this song just came on the radio and it’s so relevant. one thing that mark scott mentioned in the morning service yesterday, was that as christians we are to see people (christian or not, obama or mccain) through different eyes!!!! yes, i’ve heard this before. yes, i’ve struggled with this for a loooong time. just something different this time – he said it differently… we are to have magic eyes.

give me your eyes by brandon heath

i can be so quick to pass judgment, so quick to be anything but compassionate.

it’s time for me to change!


i am disgusted

Posted: 10/03/2008 in abortion, books, learning, life, parenting

i’m so disgusted by this book.

this book from my understanding – of course having NOT read the book, attempts to cross the political lines of pro-abortion and pro-life. it seems the goal is to place recognition and accept the emotion that goes along with abortion but not allowing it to become a con to abortion, but saying, it’s just a part of it and moving along like nothing happened! equating it to a surgery to remove a tumor that left you with a tiring recovery period and some soreness. that’s all.


it’s hard for me to even talk about it. i’m not one who believes picketing is the best approach. but just because i find that as simply not the best approach do i believe that saying or doing  NOTHING is? of course not!

i simply want to say; there are A LOT of abortions happening every day. and if someone happens to get you involved with their decision making process and asks you for some help in discussing. please know what your heart says about it NOW. don’t doubt God. he has given us free will but still over all of that he still creates ever single one of us and has a design and purpose for each. who are we to play God and decide a life isn’t worth living. shwoo! i know i don’t have the wisdom to determine that!

maybe a good book to read is a purpose driven life by rick warren (it’s at the top of my main page right under “glimpse”; click “book list”) if you are feeling insecure about your life having purpose which then questions the life of each of these babies. 

another thing i want to remember if the above scenario ever happens to me… yes, the woman and men in this country need to have free will and yes, they have a right to choose BUT what about the baby’s rights…

ideally! how about everyone just take care of themselves and not do dumb stuff that we know we shouldn’t be doing! then the government doesn’t even have to be involved! so i’m going to stop complaining about the government and make sure i’m doing everything in my power so i don’t have to rely on them, then they can just focus on what really needs done and not worry about all the other crap that shouldn’t even be on their desk!  

smiling; stepping off her soapbox for the day! wishing you all a happy friday!

gianna jessen

Posted: 10/01/2008 in abortion, learning, life, videos

so today i was handed this piece of paper with various info on it and a picture with this gal’s name. i’ve never heard of her before. even eric had heard of her before! so what do i do?! i google her! : )

here’s what i came up with. i am so impressed and thrilled with what she is doing! 

side note: how often have you heard someone say they want to be hated by others like Jesus was?! i loved it! she is kind; loving; passionate and of course not deliberately trying to be hated by others, but naturally she is hated by the abortionists. boy this feels familiar!