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it IS! a smashing idea!!

Posted: 02/08/2011 in books, creative

have you seen these????!!!


oh my heart just started pounding as i was uploading that picture and video!!!

this is every perfectionist’s dream! freeeeeedooooooom!!!

no boundaries.





oh april! please come quick!

in the mean time, my sister had a grand idea! use a composition notebook!


i should have thought of that!!!

here’s mine after 5 minutes!!!!

oh there is so much more i need to put in here.

i wonder if i will be able to sleep tonight without putting all my knitting patterns and pictures of done projects in it…..

ravelry suddenly isn’t as cool for storage as it once was. 🙂

hmmmm the perfectionist just popped out! everything doesN’T have to be in the same place….


this is what my mom and i have been up to….

can i just say how much i love! this create a critter cricut cartridge and how thrilled i am my mom has a cricut machine! 🙂 ohohoh! and she glued all these mini orange parts on!!!! i know, i’m spoiled well loved! i can’t wait for the lady in honor to see em!!!


Posted: 09/27/2010 in creative, felt

don’t mind me

i’ll be turning this:



pencil man

Posted: 06/12/2009 in creative, hubby, pictures

he carved me himself on his break at work…

my mother in law got me a subscription to family fun magazine. i really like it!

yesterday i was sitting outside in the sun trying to get a bit sun-kissed in some areas for this wedding saturday and found some great ideas!!!

the first one is this adorable book shelf stuffed with stuffed animals. i fell in love with this immediately! stuffed animals are my LEAST favorite toy. they take up so much space! this is fabulous and i can’t wait to do it!



here’s how:

along the shelve’ edges, mark spots to attach the elastic bars, spacing them 4-5 inches apart. with a drill make pilot holes to match your screws.

measure the height of the zoo enclosure, then cut strips of 3/4 in wide elastic that are 1 1/2 in longer than the enclosure.

fold under one end of an elastic strip and cut a 1/4 in slit through both layers with a craft xacto knife. slip a finish washer onto a 1 in wood screw (We used # 8’s) insert the screw through the slit, and attach it to the top shelf with a screwdriver.

fold and make a slit in the bottom of the elastic and secure it as you did the top, then insert a final screw to secure the middle. repeat until all strips are attached.

this is how to make a “cage”.

i think lizzie faith will even LOVE stuffing her animals in their cage!

weekend fun

Posted: 05/04/2009 in creative, fun, me, paper, pictures

this weekend was the event i’ve planned mentally and physically for months now. 

*a bachelorette party for my mary catherine* (the only one i get to sign sentences to who understands me. lizzie faith doesn’t really fill the signing void… i miss her already!) 

i’m not a party planner… i do weddings, not the receptions or parties surrounding/leading up to. i felt really out of my comfort zone so it took me much longer than it would take the seasoned party planner. 🙂 

we started our afternoon of bachelorette festivities at smokey row, a favorite coffee shop of ours in oskaloosa, ia. we did a mini pamper party with a paraffin hand-wax dipping (and footing dipping that failed  miserably), played bingo, design a wedding dress out of toilet paper, wedding ord scrabble and mc had to answer 30 questions as if she were pat… when she got one wrong she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth. she was such a good sport! i would have gagged and not made it. 🙂

we then went to supper at a local formal dining restaurant in osky, the pepper tree. did i get my camera out once while there, nope… oops!

i went on to my grandparent’s for my grandpa’s birthday and then headed home. while the other ladies party-ed it hard at their hometown bar.

40 days and counting (til the wedding!!)



the 'wad' of gum... she did get a few wrong

the brides mama after dippin her hands in paraffin wax

the brides mama after dippin her hands in paraffin wax




back row: bridesmaids: karen, kylee, kami. bride: mc and me :)

back row: bridesmaids: karen, kylee, kami. bride: mc and me 🙂


the lei for the bride

the lei for the bride

the flower pens doubling as table decor

the flower pens doubling as table decor


the invites...

the invites...


Posted: 04/26/2009 in creative

i’ve been busy working on stuff for a party this coming weekend that i’m in charge of. eek! i’m so not a party-er! i feel so out of my element – but i’m doing my best… 🙂 isn’t that what ya do for the ones you love! 🙂

here’s a peek… (we’re doing a ‘pamper party’ at our favorite coffee house, these are part of the decor and double as pens for the games…)

i {love} them!



Posted: 04/14/2009 in creative, favorites, sewing

here’s my only beef with hardwood flooring. 

my feet get cold. 

poo on you cold hardwood. 

if i were building my house on someone else’s dime – i would be installing in floor heating. since it’s my dime – here’s the solution… 


i have winter slippers. but i want something less bulky and warm for the spring and summer. these will be perfect. not bulky. not overly warm. just a bit between me and the floor.

a wedding

Posted: 03/15/2009 in creative

yesterday’s wedding was amazing! i’ve never been to a wedding where EVERYTHING i loved and it all could have been at mine (and some of it was), fitting in beautifully! it was gorgeous! it was vintage and full of character. here are a few pics i captured. (my battery was dying so i was having a really really hard time getting anything good!) 



Posted: 02/26/2009 in creative, house

saw this on a blog i frequent and had to go check it out! i think it’s pretty accurate! what do you think??