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mini car/truck felt mats

Posted: 07/03/2011 in felt

i’ve had a BLAST making this for jace’s birthday buddy!

it was tedious and time consuming and stressful – but it was all worth it!

meet the mini car felt mats…

each mat is 9×12

mat #1: school, church, construction site and firehouse

mat #2: barn, pig pin and pasture w/ cow, homestead, pond

Mat #3: park, gas station, beach, baseball diamond

mat #4: walmart, target, parking lot, bike trail

i’ve been scared of making a quiet book – but i think i’m ready to tackle it after this project!

stole this idea from serving pink lemonade 🙂

THIS was so much FUN!!!!!!

meet down on william’s farm!

barn and silo, corn field and tractor, the homestead, pond with dock and cat tale.

i didn’t measure this mat, but i am guessing it to be around 36 inches wide and 30 inches tall.

originally the tractor wasn’t included… until my iron turned EVIL!

felt play house winner extended

Posted: 12/07/2010 in felt

you all saw the post about the play house winner being marcia martin…

eric was calling her to tell her she won…. my mother in law was anxious to hear the winner so i immediately called her while eric was on the phone with marcia.

eric gets off with her before i’m done chattering at penny and eric tells me marcia has decided what she wants to do with the playhouse….

…. she wants to give it to the little redhead it was originally made for.

then i cried like a baby.


completely unexpected!!!!

you all know how attached i get to things…

this was a big deal for me to decide to give this away.

eric was calling marcia because i knew i wouldn’t be able to get through the phone call without crying…

i make things with love, what can i say?

it’s all or nothing in this house.

we prayed about it and discussed it – some said draw another name, others said keep it….

we have decided it would be an insult not to keep it.

the winner has decided to give it as a gift back to us.

you might find this extreme, but it’s the only way i can figure out how to explain how i feel….

abraham and isaac.

i did what God said.

i detached myself from it.

knowing God’s way is better.

and i can make another…….

God is so sweet to me.

His people are so very kind.

i’m overwhelmed by nearly 1,200$ being given to amazima through this…

i’m overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and yet there is more. . . He gave it back to me!

i wanted to tell you, because you all are such a huge part of this.

i’m considering making this a traveling playhouse….

you can check it out for 2 weeks at a time…

any thoughts on this???

thank you all for all you’ve done and for sharing our deep desire to save the orphans in uganda and all over the world, here at home and away…..

love you all!


thank you marcia for your amazing generosity and ALL who entered!

total raised in 3 weeks: $1,193.72 for amazima ministries.

we are blown away by how God used us in this whole journey.

thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!

all for His GLORY!


felt house GIVEAWAY!

Posted: 11/18/2010 in amazima, felt

today is the LAST DAY to enter!!!!!!

will announce the winner monday morning!

just for fun! i’ve decided to give you a chance to get double your entries!!!

purchase ANYTHING from and get double entries for every $20 spent. email me your proof of purchase by midnight on dec 5th! (will honor purchases made since nov 18th)

11.18.10 update: already raised enough to serve 500 meals uganda!! keep it up ya’ll! you’re awesome!

11.21.10 update: 28 entries $990 raised

12.5.10 update: $1,150 and some change. $50 more and 4 children can be sent to school for a year! or 6,000 (SIX THOUSAND!!) meals served!

i can not begin to express how excited i am.

it’s done!!!!!!

the most fun thing i’ve EVER made. seriously.


this could be yours!!!

by donating now – i will pass along 100% (less paypal fees) of your donations to amazima ministry supporting katie davis in uganda. read her blog here.

you MUST read this post of mine too: amazima ministry and katie davis

here’s how:

every $15 you donate using the below paypal button enters your name in the pot ONE time! example: donate $60 and your name will be entered FOUR times.

also, IF you donate, let me know that you shared this link on facebook, your blog, or twitter and your name will be entered an additional time!

think of what we can do!!!! every 20 – $15’s donated (through the paypal button below) sends ONE child in uganda to school with school uniform, 2 hot meals a day, and school supplies  for one year!

they also feed hundreds of people a day. $15 serves 100 meals!

*if you would like 100% of your $15 to go to amazima, please paypal $15.74 which includes paypal fees.

sunday dec. 5th at midnight is the cut off for donating. winner will be announced monday december 6th.

questions: email me at and i will answer your question asap.

felt playhouse side 2

Posted: 11/05/2010 in felt, pictures

i had an absolute blast with this side. it took one day to finish (i started yesterday morning and finished up in a half hour this morning). i have no words. this puppy is adorable! jace sat in the bumbo growling at her! talk about hilarious!!!! i need to put another piece of velcro behind her head cuz it keeps flopping down and i’d like to add a bone. lucy and the future bone are the only things removable on this side. the doggy door is perfect to crawl through – lizzie should be able to crawl through it a couple more years. shwoo!!!! i was worried. it looks tiny when sewing!

i can’t wait to start and finish the other two sides. i can’t decide, one side a garden, the other side a farmers market. or one side grocery store shelves with removable food, and the other side the checkout. HELP!! both of these ideas sound amazingly fun to me!! (i may be leaning towards the grocery store sides….)

check out the other side here and here.

felt house test

Posted: 10/04/2010 in felt

i kept the front side of the felt house out for attie and lizzie’s party this weekend.

the kids from 5 to 1 year played with it.

i wanted to see how they played with it.

i felt like i could make the other 3 sides even better if i had a few questions answered.

they LOVED the letters (mail). i’m looking forward to making a couple packages.

the farmers market is going to be a HUGE hit!!!!

now the kids won’t be able to play with it again until after cmas.


Posted: 09/29/2010 in felt


Posted: 09/27/2010 in creative, felt

don’t mind me

i’ll be turning this: