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so proud of this girl.

this is the very first time she has ever traced anything!

so thrilled that she knows her letters and some sounds!!

eric had a great idea…

i mentioned it in this post.

today was day one implementing the play station instead of her living off of shows on the computer…

she’s a bit off… schedule change is what i’m thinking is the cause. when you’ve become accustomed to being babysat by the tv and being braindead, it is tough to “wake up” and think and interact throughout the entire day….

regardless, i think it was a success.

why do we?

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my sister emailed me this link this morning. i fell in love with it immediately.

this gal who wrote this has such a way with words and expressing her “tone of voice” with her words. i love it! i pray for this ability daily! i just couldn’t help but post it here for my own records…

why we homeschool.


Posted: 03/03/2009 in family, homeschooling

my sister sent me this planner freebie download this morning.


i feel blessed! this is a great resource! i’m really impressed with it!


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looking for an alternative for you children? so all your hard work to raise your children up in the way they should go, is not all-for-the-birds in a very very short period of time…

welp this is for you then! (i know, i know, i should be an infomercial host)

i’m very excited to have stumbled across this. i’m fairly confident my sister has talked about this place, college plus before – somehow stumbling across it myself makes it stick in my memory for good (hopefully). i just wanted to share this blog entry. it is very good and worth your time reading it…





Those who have followed this blog (or have heard me speak on the issue of education) know that I am an exponent of Christian education.  I believe  all education is religious in nature, education is inseparable from discipleship (Luke 6:40), and Christian parents, therefore, are called to give their children a Christian education.  I am also convinced that these principles apply to every level of education whenever possible (I recognize that sometimes we need a course that is only offered in less-than-desirable places).  Hence, I believe we must evaluate our plans and decisions regarding college education from a biblical perspective.  In the past even avid Christian education advocates have often ‘dropped the ball’ when college rolled around.  

what’s your personal experience and opinion?