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Posted: 09/15/2010 in basement, homemaking, life

no time for blogging

cleaning the basement

oooooh my!

how did it get so bad!

i know i am extreme, but i’m telling you.

it’s AWFUL!

spiders, spider sacks, saw dust, dirt, wood chips, wires, the coating on wires, screws, nails, dust clusters, dead bugs/spiders

i’m telling you.

gobs Β and gobs of grossness happenin’ down there


as soon as tomorrow.

the perfect play area will be set up.

our old retro kitchen table

an old purple imac

futon couch and coffee table

cupboard full of playdough, beans, paints, coloring books, colored pencils and crayons


oh yes, lots of room for bike riding!

play kitchen and laundry room….

i’ll be able to send lizzie down there instead of outside this winter!!

lovin’ THAT idea!

then i’ll have to clean the bathroom down there.



Posted: 05/04/2010 in baby bean #2, house, hubby, life, lizzie faith, me

it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

since i’ve written a post with words.

not just descriptions of photos of videos.

maybe it’s about time.

life upstairs has been surreal and wonderful.

i’m struggling with living in it and not obsessively cleaning and picking up and feeling exasperated that lizzie and eric don’t attempt to keep it magazine-looking and i’m alone in this task.

i know, i hear the ocd in that sentence too. or maybe it’s nesting!!!!! yea, that’s what i’ll keep telling myself. πŸ˜‰

i’m learning my balance of being good stewards and not getting my panties in a bunch when life happens thus requiring clean-up.

today is laundry day. and since we were gone all day yesterday it’s a mess.

even though eric did the dishes last night. *gasp* man! i’ve missed him!

going to osky once a week has really changed the way our weeks look.

i feel busier knowing i have to leave the house one other day besides grocery day and church day.

LOL i know. does that sounds pathetic or what.

but there is so Β much to do here! it’s really really hard to be gone another day every single week.

there’s still so much that needs done on the house – even though so much is done!

it’s somehow daunting and encouraging! it is crazy that there is a house here that wasn’t here last april.

life is weird.

talking about weird.

this house is surreal.

now adding another child to our family.


that’s weird!

although i’m so excited.

right now his name is grayven creed, “gray” or “creed”.

if it’s a girl, oh you poor love, mommy is so sorry you don’t have a name yet!

but i promise you will not be without a name forever, or too long after birth. hopefully. :/

this does not in anyway mean you are loved less!!!!

ok, now that the no-girl-name confession is off my chest….

at 33 weeks:

i weigh 133 lbs

somehow i am growing more uncomfortable and comfortable each day.

comfortable having this baby in my life. anxious for it. longing for the normalcy. wondering what the baby will look like. anything like his/her sister or a head full of black hair. πŸ™‚ comfortable with our decision to go to a chiropractor weekly and anxious to see the continued results! so thrilled with all the improvements thus far. uncomfortable because the bigger the baby gets the bigger mommy gets. πŸ™‚ which leads to tired feet and sore muscles. uncomfortable at the thought of labor again. oh how anxious i am for it to be over with…. it’s such a beautiful thing to experience, yet somehow it’s so dreaded too. weird combo of emotions.

i’m measuring on time! this is huge for me!!!! πŸ™‚ wonder if it’s true or if i’ll still carry to 42ish weeks. measuring can be so inaccurate!

the baby could not be more active. this peanut is more aggressive than i remember lizzie being. sharp-take-your-breath-away stabs and roll-by’s. makes me wonder if it’s an aggressive boy or stronger muscle tone due to no doppler use this pregnancy…

the baby has a say! we were discussing names a few days ago and bouncing back between “grayven” and grayson”. the baby was going nuts when we talked about “grayven” and nothing when we discussed “grayson”. then i realized the correlation and asked the baby if he/she (yea i don’t know what to think about this if it’s a girl! LOL) wants the name “grayven” and i got some serious take-your-breath-away jabs and then asked the same question with “grayson” and got nothing. i repeated it. just to see. and got the same results. looked at eric and said, ok we are done talking about this while the baby is awake. this is painful. LOL kids.

i’m more anxious than ever to see you, feel you, smell you, giggle over you, look into your eyes for hours…

i better stop or i’ll be depressed soon.

lizzie is thriving.

she knows all her abc’s. will recognize them everywhere. we are working on spelling/memorizing words, aka reading.

we are working on her numbers. she forgets about them because she loves letters so. much.! she just wants to turn her letter’s into numbers. πŸ™‚

wordgirl and super why on PBSkids are two of her FAVORITE shows. and i love it!!! she learns so much from them.

caillou on the other hand, is my least favorite. he whines so.much. he bawls over not getting his way and his momma let’s him get away with it. in my opinion…!

lizzie thinks barney is the bomb. mom does not agree.

she is fully using the potty. she wears a diaper at night. but usually wakes up dry. she prefers no panties. but we are staying on top of this and not allowing it. LOL kids. she has one or two accidents a week at the most. i think this makes potty training a total success and think it took about 3 weeks to arrive here!! WOOHOO! yesterday we were in osky all day playing at aunt colour’s house and didn’t have one accident. i just thought for sure she would be so caught up in playing we would have accidents. not to mention 2 1/2 hours in the car. NOPE! she’s too smart for that. LOL and mommy took her to the potty all the time. πŸ™‚ that helps. she has already attempted to use going to the potty to get out of situations she doesn’t like. like being bored during church. not allowed. very tricky for me to identify genuine or fake. but made the right call the first attempt. so hoping it’s not a battle.

she doesn’t like talking on the phone anymore.

prefers strangers to not talk to her. and if they do, she will blank stare ahead until they go away. which makes me GIGGLE! LOL i wish i could do that.

eric is happy resting nights and focusing on himself a bit more and enjoying lots more time with lizzie!

we are so close to being on our own.

“home owners” i think we’ll be called. yet i still feel like the bank owns us. we don’t own much of this house. we do own some – maybe Β tenth, but not much at all. yet some how we are still called “home owners”. hmm. weird.


the appraisal came in. shwoo! such a relief for them to get it back so quickly. but for what they charge… i’ll just stop there. let’s just say, it’s not expecting too much. here’s the appraisers photos. it felt weird to me. since i didn’t take them. it feels like it’s someone else’s house.

we close at the bank saturday morning or monday afternoon. thankful. i am anxious for the month of april and all of it’s bills and unknowns to be over and done with. this will be a huge sigh of relief.

i’m so thankful spring is here!

the windows are open.

the sun is shining.

lizzie is outside scooping rocks, scooping rocks and blowin bubbles. we need to bring her swingset out of storage so she can swing her lil heart out.

oh how refreshing spring is!


Posted: 03/27/2010 in house, lizzie faith, pictures

wow! what a good feeling!

the perfectionist in me is just turning to mush.

lovin’ this!

simple. clean. classy. timeless.

exactly what i imagined!

lizzie absolutely LOVES her drawer! and i do too!!! it’s so fun and colorful! she loves having it at her level.

do you see that???



i keep forgetting that i don’t have to walk to the bathroom to use the sink. LOL

it might take a few days before everything sets in…

still in awe that my dishwasher runs without me “driving it” to another room and plugging it into a sink faucet.


the simple things!

the little things

Posted: 03/26/2010 in house, hubby

i’m sure i will forget.

but i hope i don’t take advantage.

of eric and how his presence in our family completely blesses lizzie and i.

eric went grocery shopping with us last night for the first time in a year.

i’m not exaggerating.

we giggled (well lizzie giggled) and laughed and had a blast.

lizzie showed off in the car on the way to kville.

we usually use that time to practice our numbers, abc’s and days of the week.

she is counting to 20 (with a little help around 13,14,15).

and her days of the week down (with a little help around thursday and friday). sunday is her FAVORITE!

thanks to signing time she also knows the signs for the days of the week and her abc’s.

she recognizes all of the manual alphabet but can not sign them all. that is hard to practice in the car while mommy is driving. πŸ™‚ so we are farther behind on those.

daddy was impressed, i think.

we had to drag him out of home depot by his belt loop too.

we should have just left him there while we went to hyvee and walmart.

poor guy hasn’t been out in the real world to just mindlessly be for, ooooh, about a year.

thinking he is gonna need some re-culturing.

i’m SO excited! the cabinet/countertop maker, my brother in law ben will be here sometime today to finish the last oiling on the countertop.

then it’s just a matter of waiting until tomorrow night to set anything on it.

so today and tomorrow during the day, while i’m waiting,

i’ll be moving our kitchen up! EEK! appliances will go in tonight.

(i think this will be really hard on me. they are our old free and cheap appliances from when we got married… but this is here as a reminder to me, to be humble, thankful in everything, and it’s all a journey and we never arrive. and new appliances in a new house mean NOTHING and are just appliances doing their job. it’s just that they don’t match and are really going to look REALLY bad against my awesome kitchen. LOL but oh well!)

i think eric said he’ll work on hooking up the water up here tomorrow.

i think we’ll have camp-out type meals for tonight and tomorrow.

oh what fun!

i can. not. wait!

my baby is so much happier when i’m not going up and down those stairs 50 x’s a day for food and such.

i think my bladder will appreciate not being squished or dropped down on while going down the stairs any longer too.

oh the little things. πŸ˜€

have a great weekend everyone!!!

(hey! when did ya’ll turn into silent stockers anyway?? i see the stats and the traffic feed. i know you are all still coming, but cat got your tongue?? πŸ˜‰ i so love all you guys’ comments!!!!!!!)

*deep sigh*

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the appraiser was here yesterday morning…

we passed.


there’s still lots unfinished – but technically, we are finished. (in the bank’s eyes and in the sense of having the ability to resell it or the bank to resell it in the event we don’t pay up. can you imagine doing all this work and not being able to stay here. oh how awful!)

after the appraiser was here, slowly, we realized how deep we could breath and we slowly felt the weight of the last year lifting… how nice!!!


i think lizzie’s going to love having her daddy back and i think her daddy is going to love being around even more! πŸ™‚


Posted: 03/24/2010 in house, pictures

has been here and gone.

we passed.


how it looks today.

still lots to do.

but now, it’s on our time without pressure from “outsiders”. πŸ™‚