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Posted: 09/15/2010 in basement, homemaking, life

no time for blogging

cleaning the basement

oooooh my!

how did it get so bad!

i know i am extreme, but i’m telling you.

it’s AWFUL!

spiders, spider sacks, saw dust, dirt, wood chips, wires, the coating on wires, screws, nails, dust clusters, dead bugs/spiders

i’m telling you.

gobs Β and gobs of grossness happenin’ down there


as soon as tomorrow.

the perfect play area will be set up.

our old retro kitchen table

an old purple imac

futon couch and coffee table

cupboard full of playdough, beans, paints, coloring books, colored pencils and crayons


oh yes, lots of room for bike riding!

play kitchen and laundry room….

i’ll be able to send lizzie down there instead of outside this winter!!

lovin’ THAT idea!

then i’ll have to clean the bathroom down there.



Posted: 11/12/2009 in basement

God is SO smart.


amazingly smart.

my new favorite thing is everything has it’s seasons.

i have taken this for granted all my life.

in this case, this is a form of complaint with a positive spin.

cuz i’m trying.

ok, people.

i’m trying very hard to be positive.

our intruder is not helping matters.

if he eats any of the food i plan on eating tomorrow…

he. will. be. sorry.

will i go within 300ft of him.


the form of punish will have to be the most incredibly creative thing i’ve ever come up with.

i’m sure it will hit me when i need it tho.

no doubt.

in the mean time.

i’m ticked at the farmers for farming and leaving all the mice hungry and scurrying to my house.

couldn’t you have left a quarter of an acre for them??!

i would have paid you!

at least this isn’t the first time i’ve been through this.

i’m finding peace in the fact that eric will at least be near this time.

last time.

it was before we were married.

so i was living in the rental house on the weekends by myself.

not sure what ever happened to our lil pet.

he stuck around for a long time.

eating my food.

pooping in my closets.

burrowing in my clothes.

not. cool.

i didn’t like him.

i’m going to be a bit more aggressive this time.

by that i mean.

i will nag my husband til he doesn’t do anything else but hunt this thing down until it dies.

and we all know as soon as it dies…

2 will replace it.


where are you?!

now is the perfect time to camp in my yard!!!!!!!!!!

did i seriously cry almost everyday that i was pregnant last time?


i don’t think so.

i would remember.

in the final days.

oh you betcha.

this chick cried every morning (cuz i hadn’t gone into labor during the night).

and every night (cuz i hadn’t gone into labor during the day).

for 4 weeks this went on.

but the beginning.

no way.

good grief!

we weren’t building a house when i was pregnant with lizzie.

life was pretty calm.


drama was church drama which was minor and silly.

so circumstances are different this time.

but still, everyday!?!

oh i hope this stops soon!


today we went to work with eric and spent the day at “auntie color’s” house. (my sister heather) we had a blast! lizzie and gena were bff’s! when this happened. i do not know! lizzie used to be intimidated by gena. they would steal each other’s toys and just not get a long superbly! today, a whole nother story! it was SO fun to watch them giggle together! lizzie has grown up so much! we were planning to do her 2 year pictures today but pregnant momma can’t think at 5am and forgot literally half or more pieces of each of the outfits but the one sweat pant outfit i thought she could wear before/after pictures. thankfully, i brought those. brother! maybe next time. πŸ™‚

lizzie was not ready to leave all the fun. and when asked, “are you ready to go home?” she replied, “no.” *sigh* she left without a fight. although it was obvious to all she was very bummed. we pulled into the driveway and as soon as she realized we were home, she started crying this horrible pitiful cry. heartbreaking. i asked if she was ready to go inside and she said, “no house. no house. no house.” i just turned around in the driver’s seat and cried myself. “me neither, lizzie. me neither.”

did i expect living in a basement to be hard. yes. i did. how hard. one never knows until it’s too late.


moving day

Posted: 10/31/2009 in basement, house

it’s 7pm and there is still so much to do before bed. i woke up with a headache and it’s still tugging at my eye. *sigh* terrible timing. yet i’m so thankful it didn’t turn into a migraine, it usually does…

thank you so much for all the help the last several months!!!!!!! you all have been amazing!! i can’t wait to bless you back! you have all been such a blessing to us!

here’s some pictures. i have my hot spots cleared, the living room and computer… but the rest is a d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r.!! πŸ™‚ i have my work cut out for me this week. but you know all i want to do is sit here and blog.

the day before moving day

Posted: 10/31/2009 in basement, house

i’m sitting here thinking and poking around on the computer doing mindless things. checking on blogs. getting up-to-date on facebook… wondering if all this work was seriously for $70!!!!!!? i opened the garage sale yesterday as soon as i was ready and closed around 6:30pm so i could run and get groceries… i’m up early this saturday morning ready to open up my garage but it’s pouring. what to do, what to do. my signs are all still out. everything is in the garage. i can open, but will anyone come?? what a bummer! i guess i’ll leave this set up for next weekend too. *sigh* i’m thankful for the ability to make some money back on junk we’ve accumulated over the years, but this is. not. my. favorite thing!

we’re had a lot going on here.

eric has been working in osky with my dad (another thing i’m extremely thankful for!) and lizzie and i have been driving him on the days we are able. we enjoy spending the day with aunties, cousins and gma and of course i get some of our groceries there so i usually have to do some shopping too. this week we got the car fixed (the blower was out and made this horrible squeal noise!)! this will make early morning drives to osky much more comfortable! it’s really cold at 5:30am!!! (we didn’t have any heat or ac) i’m REALLY anxious to get to osky this week. πŸ™‚ i’ll tell ya why later. πŸ˜‰

i’ve been reading a lot this summer. i’ve been borrowing books from the library and mom. they are a super team. mom will buy the first book labeled a novel and then they will put out a sequel and she forgets about how good the first book was by the time the second comes out (a BIG negative to buying books when they come out!). but so far, i’ll get hooked on it and can’t do anything else til i get the second book and i haul off to see dianna at the library and she’s got it! shwoo! this has happened a couple times. she’s saved my hubby $20 so far. πŸ˜‰ Β my latest is kristen heitzmann secrets and unforgotten. good stuff! not the typical christian romance novel. i’m telling ya, good stuff.

lizzie is HUGE. have i mentioned that? she’s in 3t clothes and size 7 shoes. sorting through all her baby things for the garage sale really emphasized her huge-ness. *sigh* where does the time go? oh yes and for the record, the toddler switch, switched on a couple days after her 2nd birthday. whoever told her how toddlers are supposed to misbehave is gonna die! Β no, in truth, we’ve just been running around here like chickens (ya know, with no heads) and haven’t been spending the time together, training, cuddling, loving, reading… so that’s on the agenda this week. reset those boundaries, re-stake this tomater. that is, before i. kill. her. πŸ˜‰ just kiddin. it’s not that bad..

on the home front. we’ve decided not to move into the basement til mid october. why? because there is currently standing water in my basement. yep, we haven’t been able to finish the sheeting and roofing since all it’s done this week is rain (or so it seems). so i’m SO thankful for a dry roof over our heads and will patiently wait until my hubby gives us a green light to move. it may be a very chaotic week coming up, but i just bought a new bottle of l-theanine so i should at least be able to remain somewhat calm. πŸ™‚

have you noticed there’s a TON of negative news in the media right now about vaccines (so i’ve heard from the internet)?! crazy! it’s been a while since they’ve spun the negative stuff… two that i’ve noticed highly broadcasted as deadly vaccines are the gardisil and swine flu. i’m thankful for this. but sure wish the media would just keep their hands to themselves still!!! there always trying to convince someone of something. so thankful we don’t watch tv and i don’t feel this influence anymore! πŸ˜€

welp, even though it’s currently raining harder now than when i started this post, i’m gonna hit the shower and pray for the best! πŸ™‚


floor joists and such

Posted: 08/24/2009 in basement, house

we’ve had some glorious days. that have enabled us the guys to get some much done! πŸ™‚ yippee!

i keep myself busy keeping lizzie out of the nails and screws that the guys drop along with the jigsaw blades and saws… oh the joys! πŸ™‚ she loves it down there… she has a bday present that she is going to LOVE to use down in the basement! i’m doing my Β best to keep it picked up and clean so the guys don’t have to step around everything. constructions sites are not fun! πŸ˜›

sounds like tonight they are doing some finishing touches on the basement and then moving upstairs for a bit. tonight they will be working on staking out the garage floor footings to be dug out tomorrow afternoon by our handy dandy trusty steve the digger! no more shovels!!!! then we’ll start assembling the main level forms and pour those. then i believe we’ll start stick building the other two sides of the garage – then comes the trusses!


Posted: 08/17/2009 in basement, house

oh how i’ve longed to trade in the water pumps for WOOD!

it’s finally arrived!

no. more. pumping. water. (well we handed off our favorite job to the sump pump! YEEHAW!)

pouring the basement floor

Posted: 08/13/2009 in basement, house

today we were able to pour the floor for our basement! oh thank heavens!!! no more pumping water! this has us so excited! you. have. no. idea.! LOL

everything went picture perfect, well except at the end when we ran out of concrete. oh yea, that wasn’t fun! :/ but the concrete company pulled through for us and came with more (30 min away) in good time and quick enough that we didn’t have to pay the pump truck overtime. thank you, Lord!!! it was an “oops”, but nothing to complain about, that’s for sure!

we are so blessed!!! so many people are giving up their family time for us. this is such a blessing to us!

today: russ, brad, denny, anthony, and gene helped us. on a weekly basis we have help from my bother-in-laws tim and ben and my dad, along with denny and anthony. all their help is priceless!!!! thank you so much!!

i think we have a mole

Posted: 08/05/2009 in basement, house

yesterday a lot was accomplished at the house. we’ll start with the positive, shall we!?!

now for the negative.

in the last post i showed you a picture of the basement floor ready for concrete.

since then it’s rained everyday/night.

this creates a pretty big problem.

you can’t pour concrete over the wetness and trap the water underneath the plastic and the ground to continually seep up into your basement… or think of it like this, pouring concrete on a waterbed. it will shift and crack. so the pros have told us. *sigh*

so far it looks like we have to pull the rebar up and the plastic and let it bake in the sun and then redo and pour immediately!! so we need 3-4 days IN A ROW with 100% sun. please pray.

this is not set in stone yet, we still are seeking more professional advice, but it’s looking highly probable that this will be the case and the above will take place.

in the mean time, i’m packing and repacking and preparing for a HUGE garage sale. it may not be as huge as some you’ve been to0 – but for me – it’s HUGE and a lot of work! any volunteers??? no worries, i’m calling my mil for help!!! πŸ˜€ i was originally thinking not this saturday but next but now i’m thinking that’s not enough time to go through every nook and cranny of this house… oh goodness! i hope it’s worth it!