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i simply can’t believe it!
4 more days…
in 4 weeks he will be *gulp* one year old.
how surreal is that?!!?!?!?

jace at nearly 11 months old calls himself “bubba”, says ‘mama’, “shishe” (sissy), and ‘more’. he signs “daddy” perfectly.

he can throw a ball and catch it very well! he continually surprises us.

he is in love with the song, “rollin in the deep” by adele. it is currently his top favorite over ‘bumble bee’ by laurie berkner.

he slither crawls, crawls on all fours, pulls himself up, walks along furniture. he refuses to walk behind a push town after falling and hurting himself a couple times but is fully capable! πŸ™‚

he has stood up by himself several times (without holding on to anything) but absolutely refuses to do it most of the time. i’ve begun telling him he can do it and to stop being a wuss and to keep trying. in a very kind tone of voice but he’s made significant progress since i’ve started coaching him. boys! *eye roll*

we have this red bouncy ball that we got at old navy in quincy for 25 cents out of a giant gumball machine. it is his FAVORITE ball. if he is fussing, i can ask him where his red ball is and he will start looking everywhere for it and will entertain Β himself for a good 45 minutes regardless if he is tired or hungry.

he LOVES our dog lucy.

enjoys being outside. eating grass, dirt, bugs… crawling in the grass. the whole bit.

loves wrestling with anyone that is willing but his favorite is lizzie.

jumping on the bed with sissy trumps it all….

this is often the sight in the morning. love me some bed head!

is ready to ride a bike but cant figure out how to tell his legs to push, instead he uses his whole body to ‘scoot/thrust’ on the bike to make it move forward or reverse.

dances like a crazy lil man.

LOVES his swing!

i love when he is playing on the floor and i walk by and he reaches his arms high-into-the-sky and says “up” Β with a sweet little smile πŸ™‚ (the “up” part only happened one time, but the rest happens hundreds of times in a day)

he’s such a cool dude

jace has 4 teeth. his 5th popped through last week and went back inside.

he weighs 22-23lbs (it fluctuates) and is 30 inches tall.

he wears size 5 shoes.

18 months shirts, 18 month shorts, and 12-18 month pants.


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did a lil sewing today… my latest addiction!

these capes are for jace’s superhero first birthday party!

lizzie's has a black star with a white felt 'L' on the back...

i never thought i’d love capes so much!

easter 2011

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jace will be 9 months old this week!


he is in love with the dog again after a brief season of being scared to death of her….

he is such a flirt! waving at all the lovely ladies he can!!! πŸ˜€

this past week while i was sick, eric stayed home to help… this was a great opportunity for jace and daddy to bond. they are the bestest buds now!!! it’s so much fun!!!

eric was working in the attic this weekend. both kids hung out in the garage while i sewed – LOVE IT! loving this weather!!! jace crawls all around the porch and he and lizzie will play out there all afternoon while i work inside! so thankful for an awesome porch and gate!!!

i got out jace’s ride along and sat him on it the other day. he didn’t really care about it or know what to do.

this is what happened the second time i sat him on it….

he’s such a lil man. a conversationalist. strong tempered. half the time i simply don’t know what to do with him! i’m stunned such a lil person can be so mad at not getting his way. or not being able to get up and walk around like us…. simply nuts!


{yes mama}

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jace started saying “yes mama” yesterday!

my camera has decided to be dumb (bought in 9/10) and i have to mail it in 😦 i’m already missing it desperately!

i had to use the video camera on the computer…

i did two videos.

the first one had sound.

this one! no sound!


i have no idea!!!

i’m so horribly bummed!

imagine how cute it would be with sound!!! 😦

i can read my lips – i’m hoping you can too!

man is he cute!

i KNOW i’m not biased πŸ˜‰

***i just previewed it on youtube and there is SOUND!!!!! oh this mama is THRILLED!!!!!***

{8} mos

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this is just nuts.
there is no possible way i can be posting jace’s 8 month update.

let’s start with the ROOOOOOAR!

it get’s cuter and cuter each month πŸ™‚

at 8 months old, you…

eat everything mommy eats (except some sweets mommy sneaks into her diet).

LOVE crunching food with your 4 front teeth.

crawl through the entire house. (video soon, it’s more a toe-propelling kind of speed skating on hardwood floor or scaling up the wall like spiderman! LOL it’s nuts how fast you are)

pulls yourself up splendidly with the help of any willing partner and just yesterday (on your 8 month bday) started pulling yourself up with objects, couch, chair, stools….

new favorite thing is walking with the help of a willing partner of course.

are having a love-affair with all things that have WHEELS!

and sissy hide out in her room playing with her pretty things (shhh don’t tell daddy!).

sign ‘nurse’ to have mommy’s milk.

fuss more today than ever before! whatintheworld! please stop this, son!

because of the above, you WILL learn MORE sign language VERY soon.

flirt with everyone!

grind your teeth. *cringe*

wave hello!

are working on saying ‘sissy’ (which i think is a-dorable!)

are suddenly scared-to-death of lucy and other dogs.

push all limits.

had your first major injury last sunday: you took a dive off the bed, (not a good idea). bloody nose, bloody mouth, scrapped up face and bruised cheek (i handled
it very well! – blood doesn’t bother me as much as i thought it would!)

crack yourself up

LOVE tackling lizzie!!!!!!

thinks water is pretty cool stuff as long as it touches you on your terms only.

bangs everything on anything to make as much noise as possible.

i’m sure there’s tons more but i sure can’t think of it this morning! love you bubba jace! i’m overwhelmed with God thinking i can handle you. LOL i will continue to trust in HIM that He knows what’s He’s doing!


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they love each other! πŸ™‚