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another cowl

Posted: 10/22/2010 in knitting

my favorite thus far


Posted: 10/20/2010 in knitting

oh how i love a good chunky knit.

this is my latest finished project.

love it.

soooo warm.

gorgeous alpaca and wool blend.

wish it were mine. 😉

it’s future home is a lovely lady in bulgaria.

wish i could be a fly on the wall and follow it around and see where it ends up in the next 5 years….

what a difference jace is as a newborn compared to lizzie as a newborn. some is personality. some is circumstances. i’m grateful none-the-less! i’m able to enjoy him – i rarely was able to get lizzie to be content to enjoy her. if she was content i was too exhausted to enjoy her. it was such a struggle. 😦 but we made it and all is well! it’s so refreshing for jace to be a touch different. he’s not soooo content that he never asks to eat or never fusses when he has a dirty diaper. he still responds and requests. 🙂 he’s just a touch more patient. maybe it’s a gender thing. 😉

lizzie is a superb big sister. i’m sure you’ve all gathered that from the pictures and videos. she is such a love. she’s doing great dealing with needing to be a touch more quiet while he’s sleeping (like no TAP shoes and no STOMPING and no screech – singing at the top of your lungs…). i’m still feeling like i’m not engaging her enough and i’m shoving her off on tv to entertain her. eric had some great ideas last night when i told him my feelings. hoping today i feel better about that whole situation. i so easily get into a slump and give up trying to do-it-all! but in this case, i need to press forward and focus on what she needs from me now too. even if i am a touch overwhelmed. i know i am capable of more.

we’re headed to a wedding this weekend – be looking for some photos of lizzie getting her groove on at the reception. she’s going to be in heaven. LOL oh goodness! what fun!

eric is so totally awesome!! he works all day (leaves around 5:30am) gets home around 6pm, helps me serve up supper, dashes outside to work on the house some (he’s currently working on the porch steps! they are turning out AWESOME! can’t wait to see the finished product!) while lizzie plays outside with him while he works. he has even been doing her snack and putting her to bed. jace tends to be SUPER fussy this time of night so this helps me cope!  i’m either bopping around like a looney or nursing or rocking or laying in bed… anything to get him to stop. 😦 he usually gives up around 9pm. poor guy. cluster nursing is fine, falling asleep while cluster nursing makes it last even longer! 😛 silly man! eric is just such a blessing to me. a solid rock for sure!

we’re still struggling with yeast. man alivin’! this is nuts!!! it’s so fun, i tell you! it’s mostly just affecting nursing (me) and tummy’s (both of us have tummy aches, but more him than me). the stuff i’m doing is helping so much! it’s just a matter of time and cleansing… i’m very encouraged but not looking forward to the continued yeast battle! it just never goes away!!!! it’s just different levels…

i’m still struggling with hives. i know, what??!!! i was healing GREAT! no new outbreaks. not much itching compared to before… then i started knitting this brown cocoon… and my stretchmarks started itching again, and then a new spot here, and a new spot there. i have SEVEN spots/areas now with hives AGAIN! i’m so discouraged. i stopped knitting this cocoon thinking maybe i’m allergic to the dye in this yarn or some chemical in it… it is part synthetic so this is likely… i knitted a brown blanket with this same yarn while pregnant and just a day or two after finishing it was when my hives were all over my body. i remember itching while knitting the blanket but i didn’t realize it was developing into anything. i’d never had hives before so i’d never seen the early stages of it… so i’m thinking it’s the yarn. i turned the balls into hanks last night and washed the yarn and the cocoon that’s already partially knitted (i’m 9 inches done, and if you remember the doosy of  a pattern that’s 2 weeks of working on it every chance i have during the day so not being able to finish it because of an allergy makes me want to BAWL!). it’s almost dry – i’m anxious to try it and see if my headache comes back and if i get any new spots.

jace had his first church experience last sunday. he did so good! 🙂 he did moan while sleeping during the sermon. he doesn’t like noise while he’s sleeping. he he! lizzie didn’t feel good so the 3 trips down to the basement to the bathroom were not fun… 😛 i think next week i’ll be able to listen to the sermon a bit more. with a newborn, the 3 trips to the bathroom and the discussing that went on prior to each trip down, i feel like i missed a lot! sometimes it’s just like that. no worries. just a stage. and we’re still a family with needs even when we are supposed to be sitting deadly still in church. 🙂

i better scoot off and get lizzie’s play station set up for today! i’m excited. i’m going to have activities laid out for her to choose from and her table set up right by my nursing station! i’m excited to play with my redheaded peanut today!

my lil man is in love with his cocoons…

his mama LOVES this! 🙂

more cocoons being knitted as we speak… three is simply not enough.

he weighs in at 9lbs. what big boy! he isn’t rolly-polly with fat rolls so it’s crazy hard to believe he weighs that much… and then my arms and back remind me. i will stop and think, “man why does my back still hurt like i’m pregnant!?!?” OH! right! he’s HUGE! lol what a blessing having milk is… so many things are different this time around than with lizzie… learned from a lot of mistakes i made… and hoping to continue to reap the benefits of doing the hard things.

i’m still working on this blanket.

3.5 inches past half way point.


that means i have only 11 inches left to go.


that’s a week’s worth of knitting every single opportunity i get.

good grief.

this is definitely an heirloom.

and will likely never do a blanket like it again. LOL

here’s the set.

my sister, heather knitted the hat and cocoon. how adorable, huh! 🙂

i’m not spoiled. i’m well-loved!

back burner: blogging

Posted: 06/01/2010 in baby bean #2, knitting, me

front burner: KNITTING! 🙂

check it!!

this is a 29x29inch baby blanket. PERFECT for swaddling! can't wait to use it!

the most beautiful thing i’ve ever knitted!!!

i’m desperately trying to get it finished before lil dude/dudette arrives…

i only have 6 more skeins to go. (it’s dk weight, which is TINY! so it’s a tedious knit. it makes me cherish it even more!)

so toodaloo! you will find me knitting and tidying (cuz i can.not. handle a messy house right now! and i’m obsessing about laundry… i’m obsessing about having certain comfy clothes clean for me right after birth, weird, i know. *rollin eyes*)

happy knitting! 🙂

knitters, feel free to follow my project on ravelry:

this is my absolute favorite cocoon to date!

it’s made out of 100% organic dyed cotton and of course, it’s my favorite favorite yarn too. it feels amazing. it’s not just that it’s soft, it’s the way it moves and such…

can’t wait to get this lil bean in it!!!!!

i was going to add in purple after the baby is born, if it’s a girl… but now i’m seriously thinking i just need to knit another one with purple added into this pattern. i’m lower on white than green and brown so a lot of the bulk white would be purple. oh what to do! what to do!!! 🙂

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i’m dreaming of babylegs today…

you’ve seen these, right?

i never did get any for lizzie. though i wanted to…

i am desperate to get some knitting projects done for this lil bean and am happy to announce i’ve started working towards that goal!

i’m also forcing myself to knit a few baby GIRL things too.

meet pinkladies babyleg #1

lizzie calls them gloves

i just finished a white one… gender neutral. 😉

i have a brown pair and green pair on my list… to do.

they are so quick and simple.

i’m enjoying knitting tiny and in a round on double pointed needles.

i know, since when??!!!

*rollin eyes*

i blame it on hormones. 🙂

trying to keep spirits up.

it is spring after all, even if it is snowing. :/

so in honor of spring

thebabykeeper on etsy is havin’ a happy spring sale!

everything is 20% OFF!

order quick! quantities are very limited!

in all this craziness… you think i would go without knitting?? of course not!!!

here’s an order i’ve been working on, a set of 3 cocoons with hats. only two are done so far.

cream muffin top made of 100% cotton

stone and orchid yarns made of 100% organic cotton.