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our lucy 8.20.11

Posted: 09/03/2011 in lucy

we would have had lucy 6 years this year…

she was a stinkpot.

always underfoot.

always stepping ON your feet with her dirty wet paws.

always digging in the trash.

always chewing on things.

always begging to get inside during a thunderstorm making a muddy mess everywhere she frantically went.

always digging.

always there to greet us.

always right there when we were working outside to be underfoot.

always ready to play with the kids and ‘babysit’ for me.

always there to receive our lovin’.

always there.


the best picture of lucy - showing her personality! 🙂


i’ve been avoiding this little blog for 2 weeks (prior to that, i was just too busy to blog…) because of not being able to type this next line.
*deep sigh*

august 20th, 2011 we pulled out to go visit our friends in Illinois. we were unaware at the time, but lucy followed us on the hwy, about a half mile (i’m guessing) and was hit by cars and continually hit by cars until someone pulled her off of the hwy on sunday right before we got home…

witnesses have told us it was horrendous, surely a calf… we can tell. by the stains on the highway and what is not left of our lucy.

we found peace after finding enough of her to bury her.

lizzie is doing well with it — daddy and mommy are struggling…

lizzie says things like, *placing wild flowers on lucy’s grave* – “there now she will feel happy again and jump out of the dirt and come play with us!”

we are getting there. one step at a time – we will always miss our lucy.


Posted: 04/14/2010 in lizzie faith, lucy, pictures

somebody is attempting to use the lil people of this house to get inside.

now they are both beggin’ for lucy to come in.



Posted: 01/04/2010 in lizzie faith, lucy

today i made some decisions.

when i went to let the dog off her lead – her mouth was almost icicle-frozen shut (she could barely get her tongue out. the fur was all frozen together).

lizzie and lucy are having a blast.

lizzie is following lucy around.

lucy is following lizzie around.

this decision was to let the dog inside.

she’s a lil stink sometimes.

but as a puppy LOVED being indoors with me.

and she was my baby.

then liz came along.

and lucy was kicked to the curb.

when pregnant with liz, lucy was my companion.

i must get extra motherly when pregnant and lovey with lucy too. 🙂

after a few hours with a 2 year old i bet lucy stops barking and begging to come inside. LOL

i’m trying to decide if i trust these two by themselves for ten minutes while i shower.

i always trusted lucy before…

but now with an instigator…. 🙂

decision #2

today is a new day.

make the most of it.

this morning, lizzie brought me her favorite book to read.

oh the places you’ll go

by doctor suess

a pretty good motivator for a monday morning, i’d say.

this book was lizzie’s favorite in the womb too.

she would go NUTS when i read it to her.

i could pin point specific parts even.

she got excited at the same parts of the book each time.

oh kiddos are so fun!

off to get busy.

motivated to make soup and bake some sweets.

have a happy monday!


Posted: 05/28/2009 in lucy, pictures


i think we're all enjoying this weather

i think we're all enjoying this weather