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embracing god’s view of your marriage part 1

embracing god’s view of your marriage part 2

yesterday morning my husband calls me from work and tells me, “beth moore is on the radio”. with every inclination in his voice that he wants me to listen to it!!!! ¬†he comes home last night, “did you listen to it?” i’m thinking, “oh dear, he was serious!!” i had looked on the website but not very whole-heartedly… i thought maybe he was just telling me because i’m doing a beth moore study. i didn’t realize he KNEW this would bless me and in turn bless HIM. lol i can take a hint… so here i sit, listening. ūüôā¬†

my husband is the spiritual leader in this home. i’m learning everyday what that means… today, my desire is to please my husband and enable him to be the spiritual leader of me…¬†

i hope this blesses you like it has blessed me! wow! i do have a mighty good man! ūüėĬ†


this is so encouraging to me! tomorrow starts the first of many many evenings without my husband. this will be so hard on us as a family in many ways Рand this was just the encouragement i needed, i hope this blesses you in some way too.




encouragement for stay at home mom’s part 1

encouragement for stay at home mom’s¬†part 2

take charge of your home

i can talk to woman about this depth of emotion because i’ve been through it. it’s not an academic exercise for me. it’s not a sociopolitical point of view. it has nothing to do with the cultural wars. i just want to take a woman’s heart hold it in my hands and give it back to her. because it’s been taken away! -dr. laura

measureless love by beth moore

the video series will be shown at our annual woman’s conference this feb 20th pm and 21st am. it’s only $15. holler at me if you wanna come and i’ll get you all the info and hooked up!¬†

it will be a great time. 

i’ve seen it already… but i’m still going! it doesn’t matter how many times i watch beth moore’s conferences, i always miss something and something always hits me (convicts me) like never before.¬†

some of my notes from watching it earlier this year:

“your love is measureless” my sin will never leave a stain that Your blood can not erase.¬†

we were born to matter. born to have a purpose. 

she talks about putting satan in his place and having BOUNDARIES! 

my defeat is blamed on insecurity, my fear and insecurity. this is to blame for all or most of my poor decisions and sins. i will not be “motivated by insecurity” anymore!

god is stunningly meticulous with measurements. see: job 38:4, 5 and Isaiah 45:18-19

measuring up = idolatry and jealousy

the obsessions: 1) who am i trying to measure up to? 2) who am i trying to measure up for? 3) who am i trying to measure God by? 2 cor. 10:12, 13

 jealousy is ALWAYS the result of insecurity EVERYTIME!

the remedy to this problem is grasping the concept of the measureless. 


i don’t want to tell you everything! i think you get the concept and why i’m so excited about seeing it again… childless! ūüôā¬†


slow fade

Posted: 01/02/2009 in family, life, marriage, parenting, videos

lizzie and i were fixing lunch and playing catch while listening to casting crowns and this song comes on… and i’m thinking, this was my point exactly with my last blog post “priorities”. ¬†i need to be careful what i give away and make sure my husband and family get the best of me! this is a priority! not just an intention!¬†


i have lots of ideas for my lizzie faith. lots of things i want for all my children… i want to homeschool them, i want them to be fluent in sign language, i want them to understand the importance of courting and choose that method of “dating” for themselves ¬†and be¬†grateful¬†for it.¬†

one i find very important is purity. 

for my son, if i have a son, this will be such a struggle for me. such a frustration – the way girls dress, etc. (i want to pass this book out to every infant girl i know for the sake of my possible future son! LOL)

the princess and the kiss


my sister showed me this book a couple years ago, or maybe it was just last year. either way, i hadn’t had lizzie faith yet and really couldn’t fully understand what my daughter’s purity would mean to me. check it out here at

when i found out i was pregnant. my prayer life went through the roof. oh the things to pray for. besides the midwife trauma and preparing to have a uc birth, the hormone crazed prayers, i prayed for my daughter’s (i knew it was a girl ;)) ¬†purity. i prayed her father and i could protect her while she was in our care from all the crazy men in this world. that we could raise her to realize her worth and that a man only worthy of her could have her and that man’s worthiness was to be decided by all three of us (lf, her father and i), that the unity of the kiss and physical touch is reserved soley for a man and his wife. and if it is broken, is harmful to her future marriage. i pray¬†continuously¬†for these things and so many more. i pray she is spiritually grounded as such that when she is of marrying age that she is hearing the holy spirit and does what he says.¬†

ok! she’s only 15 months old. ok back to tickling, giggling and twirling!


don’t say

Posted: 12/20/2008 in fun, marriage, videos

we are having a bible conference this week at church. i’ve already mentioned it… it was hard to focus last night – liz was supper fussy!! still not sure what the deal was!!! hope tonight goes better, if not, i’m headed home! not worth the additional stress! exhaustion is hitting hard and i don’t see the point. best to just stay home a night or two and rest and then go the next day!!


whole reason for this post!

this song just came on the radio and it’s so relevant. one thing that mark scott mentioned in the morning service yesterday, was that as christians we are to see people (christian or not, obama or mccain) through different eyes!!!! yes, i’ve heard this before. yes, i’ve struggled with this for a loooong time. just something different this time – he said it differently… we are to have magic eyes.

give me your eyes by brandon heath

i can be so quick to pass judgment, so quick to be anything but compassionate.

it’s time for me to change!



Posted: 09/20/2008 in hubby, life, marriage

i love my handyman! he’s fixing our front screen door as i type! yay! if you’ve been to my house lately i’m sure you noticed it didn’t quite shut (LOL this is an understatement). i thought this was because the foundation on this house sinking in. today denny pointed out that we were missing several screws from the outside frame which was making the top half of the door fall in. whoops! yay for super landlords (not!). but yay for gpa d who noticed things we didn’t!

silly us!!

we’re young, what can we say!?!