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are you ready? i just stepped up on my soap box. ūüôā¬†

i have a question…¬†

i’d like to have a healthy productive conversation about the quality of life.¬†

it seems to be popping up every where, reaching to every corner of my world currently.

this also seems to be in debate with abortionists/activists as well as the conventional medical community.

this could be a *new* debate. before we had machines and the ability to sustain (and create) life when life wasn’t there naturally (life support) this was never even an issue. this was not an “option”.

i struggle with this.


mama is

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breanna thinks this is funny!
cry it out

imagesfinally! i’ve gotten back to some reading.¬†

after being outside of the home working (taking lizzie faith with me but constantly distracting her with movies and toys; lets just not talk about the fact i just cut a banana up and turned on veggietales so i could blog!) this is where we are at. we have work to do (but when won’t we…).

elizabeth (author or raising godly tomatoes) specifically says:

don’t distract your child when you should be confronting him and disciplining him.¬†

my first thought was, “sweet, we don’t do this!” then i literally laughed out loud. this is why i keep 4 different kinds of snacks in the diaper bag at ALL times for church, the shopping cart, the carseat… *sigh* man!!! i feel like i just got caught!! i think sometimes i use the snacks as an appropriate distraction, so please don’t get me wrong, but especially in the last couple weeks – i’ve used them¬†inappropriately¬†doing more damage than good…¬†

if you distract him or move the forbidden object out of reach, you have taught him nothing Рcertainly not self-control. 

follow this rule (of not distracting) and you’ll be ninety-nine percent of the way there with a little one.

how encouraging!!! now on to the next thing. (more…)

measureless love by beth moore

the video series will be shown at our annual woman’s conference this feb 20th pm and 21st am. it’s only $15. holler at me if you wanna come and i’ll get you all the info and hooked up!¬†

it will be a great time. 

i’ve seen it already… but i’m still going! it doesn’t matter how many times i watch beth moore’s conferences, i always miss something and something always hits me (convicts me) like never before.¬†

some of my notes from watching it earlier this year:

“your love is measureless” my sin will never leave a stain that Your blood can not erase.¬†

we were born to matter. born to have a purpose. 

she talks about putting satan in his place and having BOUNDARIES! 

my defeat is blamed on insecurity, my fear and insecurity. this is to blame for all or most of my poor decisions and sins. i will not be “motivated by insecurity” anymore!

god is stunningly meticulous with measurements. see: job 38:4, 5 and Isaiah 45:18-19

measuring up = idolatry and jealousy

the obsessions: 1) who am i trying to measure up to? 2) who am i trying to measure up for? 3) who am i trying to measure God by? 2 cor. 10:12, 13

 jealousy is ALWAYS the result of insecurity EVERYTIME!

the remedy to this problem is grasping the concept of the measureless. 


i don’t want to tell you everything! i think you get the concept and why i’m so excited about seeing it again… childless! ūüôā¬†



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abc’s 20/20 clip

yes, i watched. i wasn’t going to get upset. i didn’t last night. but today – i stumbled across a comment that set me off.¬†

this portrayed motherhood HORRIBLY! i am extremely disappointed. i expected this, yes. i accepted the interviewer to ask twisted questions and twist EVERYTHING everyone said and make it gross and disgusting. 

but still, i think i had a ting of hope. that maybe they wouldn’t twist it that badly.¬†

was it to the extreme, like the title said – sometimes, yes. but isn’t the world just a bit extreme??! someone calling the kettle black or is it just me? at least my extreme is something i’ve been spiritually led to and is absolutely the best for me and my family. where the extremes of the world are very far from spirituality and jesus and VERY far from the best for them and their family.¬†

do i want to nurse my child until they self-ween¬†(approx. 8 yrs old), nope! but do i have that right, YEP! and you best not walk up to me and tell me it’s GROSS or that i’m perverted. like one of the interviewed mom’s said; if it’s not me (that is giving comfort by nursing or teaching a child to find comfort in a mother’s arms) then it is a pacifier or a blanket or food or things – does this sound familiar. the world has gone to THINGS to find comfort instead of physical contact with people and friends and family and relationships (the way God intended us to find comfort). i just think it’s high time we draw the connection between the development of pacifiers and man-made self-soothers used for infants and that being pushed and developed is what has breed a society as such today. THINGS THINGS THINGS! MORE MORE MORE! nothing ever¬†soothes¬†like a relationship with jesus 0r a person…¬†

oooh and when the interviewer said, isn’t choosing unassisted childbirth selfish! oh my! you have got to be kidding me! it is the FARTHEST thing from selfish. it is with everything important in mind. i understand that one may not understand because they have never walked this path before. i don’t expect you to understand, but i think respect can be expected. can’t i just as easily say, isn’t going to the hospital for pain meds selfish???

should i even start with the “doctor” or man who started telling me what MY role is a mother. that motherhood is all about “working yourself out of a job”. ROFL come on, you just have to laugh at that one, right?! or am i alone???¬†

alrighty- officially off my soap box. 


ok so here’s a bit more from raising godly tomatoes (can you tell i’m avoiding laundry? is it really that¬†obvious? …yea… i thought so… :} )

elizabeth talks about “mommy radar”. everytime she is annoyed with something that her child does, her mommy radar goes off. she is annoyed by their behavior. she thought for a long time that you are just supposed to ignore it, figure out how to tolerate the annoyance, and wait and hope that “stage” passes soon. (it never passes! only grows into deeper bigger problems/issues) then she goes on to explain! the annoying feeling we feel is “mommy radar” = stop what you are doing and train your child not to do whatever he/she is doing. how easy huh!¬†

so how do you train this annoying behavior? when they do this act, won’t come when you call them, you immediately stop what you are doing and walk up to them and spank they diapered/clothed bottom. (i didn’t think this was going to do ANY good because she can’t feel much, but this has been MOST affective!!!) walk back to where you were standing before and tell them to come to you. repeat this until they come to you on their own. and praise them and tell them to come the first time they are called.¬†

i plan to have sessions-of-reminders before going grocery shopping, church, etc. so she is reminded what is expected of her. i shouldn’t need to do this any longer in a couple weeks.

after a few sessions of the above, my daughter, who would not come when called, now comes when called. 

these methods in this book are training your child to obey. not to learn how to do this task or that one, but to obey anything and everything you say no matter the circumstance. 

train them to obey you. train them to pay attention to you and do what you say. – e. krueger

be careful to listen to all these words which i command you. in order that it may be well with you and your sons after you forever, for you will be doing what is good and right in the sight of the lord. deuteronomy 12:28

obedience is just an easy straightforward key to reaching the heart and to changing it. – e. krueger

i don’t know about you, but i want my husband and i to be the ones molding my child’s heart.¬†

next on my training list:

sit (teach her the act and sign) 


ps: what training methods do you use/prefer?