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jace turns 1 {stats}!

Posted: 07/05/2011 in jace legend, me, pictures

at one you…

have 8 teeth

wear size 18 and 24 month shirts and 18 month pants

weigh 25lbs

measure 31 inches tall

wear size 4 diapers

wear size 5 shoes

you take a few steps here and there without any assistance – most taken to date, 5 steps.

cruise along furniture and with push toys

point at what you desire (really is a good communicator… for a boy!)

still yell/screech way too much but we are making headway

say mamamamamamamam and ‘mom’

sign ‘daddy’

rarely say “she-she” (sissy)

LOVE to be outside!

naaaa’s like a horse and barks like a dog.

eats dog food and bugs

is currently wheat/gluten free (bummer!)

LOVES power tools and superheroes (grunts at them in delight)

still loves playing catch. will chase a ball around a room for a half hour or more.

will eat ANYTHING! (but baby food or anything mushy like baby food)

crawls so stinkin’ fast.

loves buzz and woody

LOVES the pool (used as a splash pad not as a ‘pool’)

thinks lucy is the bomb (that’s debatable in this house since she trapped a skunk under the back deck and made it spray TWICE!)

sleeps through the night. is learning to sleep with sissy…

hates baths, HATES THEM!

LOVES, LOVES! swinging on the swingset!

gives the best hugs!

hanging with daddy gets cooler everyday!

still a mama’s boy… ๐Ÿ™‚

my instinct knew you were my lil man when you were in my secret place… i never dreamt i’d really get a sweet lil red haired boy. you have made me grow and mature in ways i can’t express. i’m so glad God gave us you, jace legend! i treasure everyday with you!
to find jace’s party prep, party pictures, and a few of his one year pictures.

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you can find jace’s pictures here and jace’s party prep here

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i think it’s time i stop avoiding this post….

jace turned one 2 weeks ago and we had a wonderful party! (one party down and one to go)

i had a wonderful time making the invitations and cupcake toppers with the cricut expression.

i wanted to make a banner to hang across our picture window – that turned into this cityscape ๐Ÿ˜€ jace LOVES it!

the capes turned out wonderfully well! i’m thrilled with them!

i had such a blast! it’s so much work but i love every minute of it! lizzie is VERY excited for her princess birthday party! ๐Ÿ™‚

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i simply can’t believe it!
4 more days…
in 4 weeks he will be *gulp* one year old.
how surreal is that?!!?!?!?

jace at nearly 11 months old calls himself “bubba”, says ‘mama’, “shishe” (sissy), and ‘more’. he signs “daddy” perfectly.

he can throw a ball and catch it very well! he continually surprises us.

he is in love with the song, “rollin in the deep” by adele. it is currently his top favorite over ‘bumble bee’ by laurie berkner.

he slither crawls, crawls on all fours, pulls himself up, walks along furniture. he refuses to walk behind a push town after falling and hurting himself a couple times but is fully capable! ๐Ÿ™‚

he has stood up by himself several times (without holding on to anything) but absolutely refuses to do it most of the time. i’ve begun telling him he can do it and to stop being a wuss and to keep trying. in a very kind tone of voice but he’s made significant progress since i’ve started coaching him. boys! *eye roll*

we have this red bouncy ball that we got at old navy in quincy for 25 cents out of a giant gumball machine. it is his FAVORITE ball. if he is fussing, i can ask him where his red ball is and he will start looking everywhere for it and will entertain ย himself for a good 45 minutes regardless if he is tired or hungry.

he LOVES our dog lucy.

enjoys being outside. eating grass, dirt, bugs… crawling in the grass. the whole bit.

loves wrestling with anyone that is willing but his favorite is lizzie.

jumping on the bed with sissy trumps it all….

this is often the sight in the morning. love me some bed head!

is ready to ride a bike but cant figure out how to tell his legs to push, instead he uses his whole body to ‘scoot/thrust’ on the bike to make it move forward or reverse.

dances like a crazy lil man.

LOVES his swing!

i love when he is playing on the floor and i walk by and he reaches his arms high-into-the-sky and says “up” ย with a sweet little smile ๐Ÿ™‚ (the “up” part only happened one time, but the rest happens hundreds of times in a day)

he’s such a cool dude

jace has 4 teeth. his 5th popped through last week and went back inside.

he weighs 22-23lbs (it fluctuates) and is 30 inches tall.

he wears size 5 shoes.

18 months shirts, 18 month shorts, and 12-18 month pants.

silly fingers

Posted: 02/10/2011 in lizzie faith, pictures

it’s quite tricky to get the last couple ‘fingers’ on…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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so proud of this girl.

this is the very first time she has ever traced anything!

so thrilled that she knows her letters and some sounds!!