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baby jace and i have been working on him signing “nurse” for a week and a half now – he’s got it down… lil smarty!

(the difference between signing and rooting. he taps his mouth/face with a fist = signing. he puts his hands in his mouth, licks his hand(s) = jace’s way of rooting.)

signing time

Posted: 12/28/2009 in lizzie faith, sign language, videos

when my sister told me about signing time.

i didn’t really think it could possibly be as great as she was claiming.

well it is.

seriously awesome.

there’s a few signs that are different than how i learned.

but that can be regional, cultural, or simply era.

so i’m learning new signs too!!!

neither are right or wrong…

it’s just i say “tomato” you say “tomato”. 😉

we still understand each other…

another thing you. just. can’t. beat.

it’s conceptually accurate signed english and asl.

she isn’t signing… “car” and “pet” for the word/concept “carpet”.

lizzie absolutely loves baby signing time (which is what she calls ALL of the signing time videos).

her signing vocabulary has expanded surprisingly.

i was working with her.

but the signs i introduce to her don’t stick nearly as quickly or permanently than the signs she learns from signing time.

it’s been so fun having eric around for a couple days this week.

it seemed like he was constantly asking me what she was signing/saying. 🙂

so fun to “interpret” for them.

can’t wait for him to be around more and him know all the signs she knows.

lizzie’s favorite signs this week.

“tree” and “snow”.

hmmm wonder why.

i think the signing time classroom edition sounds totally awesome!!!

the list of benefits of teaching sign language to children are HUGE.

harass your librarian to get a few if they don’t have any!

it’s worth it. 😀

{bath time}

Posted: 05/06/2009 in lizzie faith, sign language, videos

you raise me up

Posted: 01/26/2009 in sign language

you raise me up

here’s the deal. youtube muted my video because josh groban is in a lawsuit against youtube for anyone posting his stuff on the website. brother! so i had to figure out a way so you could still listen to the music while i’m signing it. 

click on you raise me up with the music and open in separate email. at the point where he is about to start singing, click play on the video of me signing it. they should play together from that point on. 

signing pals: please critique honestly and with love 🙂 for clarity, sign choice, and accuracy. 

the others: you can let me know how it makes you feel, if i’m too serious, etc. 

this is for a project saturday morning. i don’t think this spoils it for saturday. pretty sure everyone that reads my blog has not rsvp-ed… here’s hopin! 🙂


lizzie signs

Posted: 01/15/2009 in lizzie faith, sign language

someone asked me this week what signs lizzie knows… i guessed 20. but now i really want to count!!

diaper (uses for, diaper change, poop and pee)










blow kisses (thats a sign, right!!)











she says “cup” sounds like “up” and “apple” sounds like “ap”, “more, more, more!” sounds like “ma, ma, ma!”, “dadda” sounds like “dadda” 🙂 she says more but i cant think of it, of course. 

my lil peanut is sooo big! 😦 


i have lots of ideas for my lizzie faith. lots of things i want for all my children… i want to homeschool them, i want them to be fluent in sign language, i want them to understand the importance of courting and choose that method of “dating” for themselves  and be grateful for it. 

one i find very important is purity. 

for my son, if i have a son, this will be such a struggle for me. such a frustration – the way girls dress, etc. (i want to pass this book out to every infant girl i know for the sake of my possible future son! LOL)

the princess and the kiss


my sister showed me this book a couple years ago, or maybe it was just last year. either way, i hadn’t had lizzie faith yet and really couldn’t fully understand what my daughter’s purity would mean to me. check it out here at

when i found out i was pregnant. my prayer life went through the roof. oh the things to pray for. besides the midwife trauma and preparing to have a uc birth, the hormone crazed prayers, i prayed for my daughter’s (i knew it was a girl ;))  purity. i prayed her father and i could protect her while she was in our care from all the crazy men in this world. that we could raise her to realize her worth and that a man only worthy of her could have her and that man’s worthiness was to be decided by all three of us (lf, her father and i), that the unity of the kiss and physical touch is reserved soley for a man and his wife. and if it is broken, is harmful to her future marriage. i pray continuously for these things and so many more. i pray she is spiritually grounded as such that when she is of marrying age that she is hearing the holy spirit and does what he says. 

ok! she’s only 15 months old. ok back to tickling, giggling and twirling!



Posted: 12/05/2008 in sign language

so i’m needing a stay-at-home-job.

i have one now – but won’t for much longer.

not into in home daycares.

i cry.

i go through my list of skills i have (which feels like nothing in this depressed state). 

i’m still brainstorming.

what do you think about sign language lessons/classes (similar to piano lessons or weekly 2 hour night classes)?

i’m thinking there are tons of resources out there that i could tap into for assistants. i have lots of resources from college. i feel i could teach ASL (american sign language) and CASE (conceptually signed english).

i think i would need a month to get plans developed, curriculum finalized and then i’d be ready for students.

you are thinking: small town…

i know! i thought the same thing! but ya know skype??? video skype! it’s free! you need a computer, a camera and highspeed. most everyone has that these days right?!

now for night classes: well that poses a bit of a problem. all the larger rooms i know of aren’t available for these types or things…  night classes might have to wait until my new house and a big dining room table/school room. 

one more thing: what’s a fair charge for a 30 min weekly sign language lesson or a 2 hr weekly (for 1 month or 2 months: offered quarterly, like beginner, intermediate, advanced, fluent, etc.)? this would be available for all ages… are any of you or your kids taking piano lessons – if so feeling free to tell me how much you pay? you can comment anonymously! 

i’ll keep praying! just cuz this is my first real idea, doesn’t mean it’s the best or what God has in mind. but just having an idea lifts my spirits a bit!