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one more

Posted: 09/24/2010 in ukraine adoption

we’ve got to rally to get one more out…


Please allow me to introduce you to Yulia, who is almost three years old.

It is with tears streaming down my face that I come to you. I come to you, my bloggy friends, begging for help with the mission that God has set before me (and hopefully you too). I have never done anything like this on my blog and honestly, I don’t know how it is going to work out. But what a privilege and an absolute honor it is to do this for her, sweet Yulia!

I spent five weeks visiting with Yulia. I really have a very deep love for her. While I was never allowed to pick her up and cuddle her close to me, I was able to love on her in her crib. She is precious. She has the sweetest smile and a very, very tender spirit. She is tiny and very malnourished, as are all the kids in that room. She lives a life of hell on earth. There are no cuddles or loves. There are no warm embraces or playful hugs. Outdoor time is never permitted. Those four walls of the crib is the only life she knows. She is taken out only to be fed (as fast as humanly possible) and changed. But that is it. The children are treated harshly. She wears the same clothes for days on end and toys are few and far between. All dignity has been stripped away. She lies in her own urine for hours on end. Nobody cares.

Yulia, like all the kids in that room, is drugged day in and day out. All in the name of “best sleep,” I was told. Yeah, more like all in the name of keeping them still and quiet so that they are a far less burden to those assigned to their care. She cannot function properly due to the adult tranquilizing drug she is given daily. Yulia, like our Hailee, is considered what I believe the Bible refers to as “one of the least of these.” She has no value whatsoever. She is merely a body in that place. A corpse with breath that has to be fed and changed. A burden to society.

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it hits pretty close to home… someone else lived in that room.

she’s here!!!

Posted: 09/30/2009 in family, ukraine adoption

introducing my new niece, anya ardyth!!!!!!!!!


this is henry’s older sister. she just got back from ukraine yesterday. we had a wonderful time greeting them at the airport. words can not describe the emotions that happen when we meet them at the airport. *sigh* wouldn’t dream of missing it! cameras can’t capture it, they only get a glimpse. i hope you at least see a part of what we experienced. 🙂

i want to say too, anya took quite a tumble just before she came home. she hit her head and her nose, chin, lip, got pretty  banged up. poor thing! so i attached some “older” pictures of her too so you can see what she really looks like! 🙂

we are so in love!! she is 4 years old. she is such a lil lady. she will sit there with her hands folded neatly in her lap just looking around like a lil old lady. she even pulls her sweater over her like a lil old lady. LOL oh i just love her to pieces. she just makes me laugh! her laugh is SO contagious! she is simply gorgeous!  anya is special needs, we are still learning what all her precious needs will be. but, one thing i will be reminding myself of constantly – we all have special needs! some are just more obvious than others but they are there.

if you have any questions on adoption, feel free to ask. amanda (my sister, anya’s momma) is an adoption coordinator for and can answer any of your questions.

are you ready? i just stepped up on my soap box. 🙂 

i have a question… 

i’d like to have a healthy productive conversation about the quality of life. 

it seems to be popping up every where, reaching to every corner of my world currently.

this also seems to be in debate with abortionists/activists as well as the conventional medical community.

this could be a *new* debate. before we had machines and the ability to sustain (and create) life when life wasn’t there naturally (life support) this was never even an issue. this was not an “option”.

i struggle with this.


talkin’ up

Posted: 11/22/2008 in family, ukraine adoption

i think this deserves a lil talkin up. this has been some journey for amanda and tim, and henry too! this is very exciting! doesn’t it sound like the perfect job!

hats off to you, amanda!!!!!

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