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thankful tuesday

Posted: 09/21/2010 in weekly thankfulness


21. lizzie faith – today you are 3. always grateful for you!

22. sunshine

(i’m gonna miss you this winter! it gets dark too early!!!!)

23. the little things

24. canon sd4500

25. bumbos!

26. good beef and a personal meat grinder. mmmm tasty!

27. eric’s job.

28. adoption crisp

30. bonfires, praise songs and smores


Posted: 09/14/2010 in weekly thankfulness

11. milk supply

12. my husband

13. the sun

14. His grace

15. friendship

16. lots of countertop

17. space to entertain/host


19. redo’s

20. dishwasher


Posted: 09/07/2010 in weekly thankfulness

i’ve stumbled across a few blogs

whom are especially thankful…

it’s so fun to read the 10 things a week they are thankful for.

it’s time i start.

1. skinny baby legs

2. those strong yet gentle hands

3. red curls

4. blessings

5. grass

6. generosity of friends

7. smelly pup

8. Your Word

9. the last 5 years

the doors we ran out of as newly weds 5 years ago

10.  chocolate